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“If you’re looking for a birthday or bachelorette party that will leave a lasting impression, Dave Gerry may have found just the ticket”


CTV News drops by a Drawn To Men Art Party

The Anchors Seem to Enjoy The Fun

Ioulia hosts a drawing party featuring a dramatically underdressed male model

“It’s art and I’m going to draw the man with the sock on the cock the best I know how.”

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Drawn To Men visits the Housewives

But the Housewives won’t be drawing fruit

They’ll be drawing… Dave

The latest in party planning: Nude males and easels

‘You still get art instruction but it’s definitely more sexy’

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Maclean’s covers the hot new trend

Drawing inspiration from male models at Drawn to Men art parties’

‘The nouveau art class isn’t just for bachelorette parties.’

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Calgary Herald - Draw Inspiration

Calgary Herald’s Jody Robbins stops by

“As the focus on play – based learning continues to grow in our young children’s schools, shouldn’t we allow ourselves the same opportunity?”

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Guest column by Nicole Andrews


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